All about puppies

Learn all about puppies

We defy anyone to resist a cute little puppy wagging their tail at them; we certainly can’t! And when they look at you with those big puppy eyes it’s easy to fall in love and decide to become a proud dog owner.

Bringing home a puppy carries responsibility with it though. You need to know all about puppies and puppy care including:

  • Preparing your home for your new family member.
  • When to feed your puppy.
  • What to feed them.
  • What shots they need and when.
  • How to tell if your puppy is sick and how to look after them if they are.
  • How to toilet train your puppy.
  • How to obedience train your puppy with positive reinforcement training. This includes things such as stopping them barking excessively, preventing chewing and biting, and any other undesired behaviors.
  • Leash training your puppy.
  • Excercising and playing with your puppy.
  • Grooming and bathing your puppy.
  • Socializing your puppy and getting them used to strangers, other dogs and animals, and unusual situations and noises.
  • Getting your puppy used to being left alone so they don’t suffer from separation anxiety.
  • How to teach them tricks.
  • Learning why your puppy exhibits certain behaviors, such as eating poop, scooting their butt, and licking.

Indeed, even before getting a puppy, it’s important to consider what breed is best for you. Do you live in an apartment? Maybe a small breed is best. Are you looking for a guard dog? Maybe a bigger, more aggressive breed is better. How much time will you have to play with and exercise your puppy?

All these are things to think about before choosing a puppy. As you can see, there’s lots to take in and consider. Don’t worry though, you’re not on your own because we have lots of guides, advice and information all about puppies to help you out.

Learn all about puppies

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