Should you get a pug dog?

They’re the dog with a face only a mother could love, but their “tragic” expression instantly endears them to you. A pug dog can be the perfect pet for the right family.

Of course, it’s important to understand the complexities of dog ownership and the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pug before bringing your new canine companion home. Are you ready to get a pug dog and is the pug the right choice? Here are some pug pros and cons…

Why you should get a pug dog – the good

They have charming personalities

A pug dog will charm you with their easy going, enthusiastic personality. Of course, with a face like that, charm is important.

They bond easily with their family and are quite affectionate, especially with children.

They also easily charm visitors with their warm personality and without the suspiciousness that characterizes some dog breeds.

They can be quite entertaining with their silly antics and love showing off in front of visitors.

They’re good with children

Pugs not only willingly accept children, they embrace them. Pugs love to frolic with the younger set and they’re small enough so there’s little concern about injury to small children when a pug becomes overly enthusiastic during play. If you have children, it’s one more good reason to get a pug.

They’re good in small spaces

Pug dogs don’t require large living quarters which make them ideal for small houses and apartments. A walk once a day is enough to keep them happy.

In fact, they don’t tolerate temperature extremes well and shouldn’t spend time outdoors when it’s hot and humid.

The challenges

Of course there are drawbacks to owning certain types of dogs. Before making the decision to get a pug, consider these downsides.

They aren’t good exercise companions

If you’re a runner or hiker, a pug dog may not be the best choice. Their short legs make it difficult for them to run for long distances and their short muzzles make it easy for them to overheat.

Despite this, they’re usually up for a romp around the yard with the children.

Training can be a challenge

Before deciding to get a pug, ask yourself if you have the patience to train one. Although this dog breed is quite intelligent, they can be stubborn and obstinate.

Keep in mind that punishment doesn’t work with a pug or any other dog for that matter; and food as a reward is the best motivator for teaching a pug the ropes.

Once you’ve met the challenges of training, a pug can be an ideal pet.

Some annoying habits

Pugs are notorious for snoring loudly, snorting, and slobbering. Adjusting to the sounds that come from a pug can be challenging if you’re a light sleeper.

Despite the fact that they’re a short haired dog, they also shed constantly. If you allow them on the furniture, make sure you have a powerful  handheld vacuum to undo the damage.

They’re also prone to flatulence which is a common characteristic of short nosed dog breeds.

The bottom line

Should you get a pug dog? If you decide this breed is right for you, check with local rescue groups and your SPCA first. You may find a wonderful pug just waiting for the right home.

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