How to stop your puppy nipping and biting

Many young puppies like to nip and bite. They love playing and frolicking with their owners; it’s great fun for them after all. What they don’t realize though is that their little nips and bites can do real damage to their owner’s skin.

And their owners often don’t realize letting them get away with biting is storing up trouble.

Nipping and biting may seem innocuous fun, even cute, when it’s done by a tiny puppy. But it’s not such fun when a fully-grown dog with sharp teeth and a strong bite does it.

So it’s very important to keep your puppy under control and teach them not to nip and bite when they’re still young. They need to know at an early stage what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.

Otherwise it can become an ingrained habit that will be very hard to get them out of.

And if they start to believe that nipping and biting is okay, it can change into more aggressive behavior. This is definitely something you want to avoid. So you need to put a stop to the nipping and biting as soon as you can.

Here’s some steps you can take to stop puppy biting before it starts to be a problem…

Tips to stop puppy biting and nipping

Make sure you give your puppy enough toys that they can play with and put in their mouth. This will take their minds off your fingers. Rubber toys or rawhide bones are perfect for them to chew instead of your hands.

Next time your puppy tries to nip or bite your fingers, let out a yelp like a dog does when they’re hurt.

This is how puppies learn what’s acceptable between them, their siblings and mother. So it makes sense for you to use the same method to teach them.

If your puppy thinks they’ve hurt you, they’ll realize that biting or nipping at your fingers isn’t a great thing to do. They may even lick your fingers to say sorry.

When your pet stops biting after your yelp, make sure you give them a nice pat or a treat so they know they’ve done good.

Another method is to try issuing a simple, loud and firm “No!” and ignoring your puppy for a few minutes if they bite you.

The firmness and seriousness of your voice will tell them they’ve done wrong. And when you stop playing with them they’ll feel ignored. They’ll soon come to associate this with their nipping and biting.

It’s important you don’t lose your temper and shout and scream at them though. Puppies learn best by rewarding them when they’ve done something right. They don’t understand when you shout at them when they do wrong. They end up confused and scared of you, which isn’t something you want.

So make sure you always use positive reinforcement training techniques.

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